About GodofNature.org

A visual database of practical proofs on real name of the Creator of the Universe and God of Nature.

A collection of practical proofs with name oral testimony by nature and name recognition from nature about the name of the Creator of the universe and the true God of Nature.

The One & Only Al-Mighty King & Master of the Universe who by His Power and Might not only revealed his name to the creatures of his nature but also practically changed their default languages which is against the laws of nature and indeed demonstrated physical, impartial, observable, neutral, natural and practical miracles in the 21st century.

Granted so that only the name of the one true God can be demonstrated and explained in practice for all human beings in the world so that those who can use their intellect and common sense can recognize the name of their Creator and Master without any religious books, without any religious leader and without any human beings.

To get out of their mental slavery of imaginary gods based on fairy tale stories and allow them travel from darkness to light and start entering the true religion of the true God of nature for the peace of their heart and try to practice to go to His paradise forever.

And make a practical effort to make other human beings recognize the same true God so that they too can succeed live a happy life forever after their death and won't die living in the darkness of their lives.

A research and investigation through Moulana Abrar Alam and Zeeshan Arshad by the help, might, mercy, power and command of the King and Creator of the Universe and true God of Nature.

Disclaimer: These practical proofs were researched and collected from YouTube and Google uploaded by random people from all over the world so you're most welcome to help other human beings discover and recognize real name of the God of Nature without confusion of religious books. All material can be freely distributed and promoted in the world without asking any permission.